Enter an Item No. or barcode into the scan box at the top of the page. Use the function buttons [...]

Log In

Enter a Cashier Code that has been configured for Retail Express and the associated Password. Click OK to log in.

Run the POS

From the Home screen, while logged on as a Terminal configured for Retail Express, you will see a Run POS [...]


Congratulations! ChargeLogic Retail Express is ready to use. You can re-run the Wizard at any time by searching for “ChargeLogic Retail [...]


In order for a Salesperson to log on to the Retail Express Point of Sale, he or she will need [...]

Interface Profiles

Each Terminal that runs Retail Express must have an Interface Profile assigned to it. Interface profiles determine which functions are [...]

Store Settings

For each Store that will be using Retail Express, select a Default POS Customer No. All Retail Express sales and [...]


This will open the ChargeLogic Retail Express Setup Wizard. The Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up the [...]

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