ChargeLogic Payments is NAV 2016 ready. Partners have the option to deploy ChargeLogic Payments as standard objects or as a new NAV 2016 extension package. Partners can find the objects on ChargeLogic’s Partner Portal.

The big news is that this new version takes advantage of NAV 2016’s new eventing model, meaning a drastic reduction in the number of native objects modified. In the extension package edition, no native objects need to be modified at all.

ChargeLogic Notify is also NAV 2016 ready and offers both the standard object and extension package versions. Partners can find those objects on ChargeLogic’s Partner Portal.

ChargeLogic Shipping will be NAV 2016 ready in December when we also release our newest integration with a big name carrier. If you need a 2016 version of ChargeLogic Shipping, please reach out to and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.