The best way to make sure that you are getting the most out of ChargeLogic Payments is to ask your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner for an annual checkup. A ChargeLogic Payments Checkup reviews all of your settings to ensure that they are properly adjusted to meet your business’s needs. Optimized settings provide you with maximum security, automated processes, and the ability to get the lowest credit card processing fees possible.

Annual Checkup

1. Save Money.

Making adjustments to the Store Settlement Options in ChargeLogic Payments is one important way to potentially lower your credit card processing fees. The first step is to contact your payment processor and ask for an account analysis to see what transactions are getting downgraded (downgrades result in higher transaction fees). With that information, your Dynamics NAV partner can make the necessary adjustments to your settings to decrease downgrades.

Adjusting ChargeLogic Payments’ settings can have a major effect on your business processes, so we highly recommend that you work with your Dynamics NAV partner before making adjustments yourself. They have received significant hours of ChargeLogic training and are equipped to help you make the right decisions to help your business.

2. Stop Fraud.

The ChargeLogic Payments Fraud Protection Suite is designed to help you avoid fraudulent transactions by identifying them before it’s too late. It allows businesses to prevent a potentially fraudulent order from shipping after the authorization request has gone out to the processor and the card is approved. You have the option to receive a warning, hold a transaction, or deny a transaction, depending on the setting you select. It is another layer of protection in addition to the security offered by the payment processor.

3. Automate Processes.

ChargeLogic Payments is designed to streamline processes and make you more efficient. Ask your Dynamics NAV partner about features like Auto-Settle on Invoicing and Auto-Settle for Posted Docs to see if you are using these or if you should be.

By meeting with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner for an Annual ChargeLogic Checkup, you’ll be assured that you are achieving savings, security, and a better workflow.