The leading PCI-Certified gateway exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics.

ChargeLogic Connect

Securely accept payments on your e-commerce site with the leading PCI-validated credit card solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

Accept payments and orders on your e-commerce site and have the data flow into Microsoft Dynamics with ChargeLogic Connect. Businesses that don’t have e-commerce sites can also benefit from Connect with services like tokenization and Click-to-Pay Invoicing.

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Get paid faster, save time, and reduce paperwork. ChargeLogic Click-to-Pay is an automated, turnkey solution that allows customers to pay invoices and statements online. Other applications only email PDFs that must be printed and paid in the traditional way. Click-to-Pay provides an email with a PDF and a “Click to Pay” button leading to a secure website. Payments can easily be made by credit card or electronic check.

ChargeLogic’s Payment Portal gives your customers access to an easy-to-use online portal to view, pay, and manage invoices quickly and securely. Our integration with Business Central means all payment details automatically appears in your system. Customers can access open invoices as well as a 90-day history of invoices and transactions. The ChargeLogic Payment Portal provides your customers with the convenience of paying by credit card or ACH. It’s simple to set up and simple to use. Start getting paid faster today!

ChargeLogic Checkout is a hosted payment environment that alleviates business’ e-commerce sites from the burdens of PCI-compliance. Checkout removes e-commerce sites from the payment process through two integration options: a Hosted Payment Page or a Hosted Payment Window. Checkout can be integrated into nearly any e-commerce solution.

Using the Hosted Payment Page requires the e-commerce site redirect the customer to Connect’s server for the payment stage in the web order checkout process. The Hosted Payment Window option allows the customer to remain on the merchant’s site throughout the entire process by seamlessly providing fields for sensitive data in an inline frame.

ChargeLogic Connect’s Hosted Orders feature provides a secure, efficient service for securing orders on your e-commerce site and transferring them into Microsoft Dynamics. Hosted Orders enables your e-commerce site to send both payment information and order details through Connect and automatically populate Microsoft Dynamics. The orders and payment details are held securely on the Connect servers until Microsoft Dynamics polls for web orders on a periodic basis. At that time, all pending web orders are created in Microsoft Dynamics as Sales Orders with all appropriate payment information attached to them.

Deploying gift cards in a multi-store or multi-channel environment puts retailers at risk for theft and fraud. With the speed and access of smartphones and wireless communications, customers can use the same gift card in a store and online within seconds, beating even the best data replication schemes.

ChargeLogic Connect Gift Cards allow merchants to issue, redeem, and perform balance inquiries using their own custom gift cards, while avoiding replication headaches. Because Connect Gift Cards use the Connect servers to maintain transaction details, balances are always up-to-date on the web, in stores, and in the back office.

Get the PCI-compliance benefits of tokenization without the per-transaction fees, downgrades, or lock-ins associated with third-party providers. ChargeLogic Connect’s Secure Remote Storage offers a twist on traditional tokenization by delivering “side-channel tokenization.”

With Secure Remote Storage, ChargeLogic Payments makes a real-time request from the ChargeLogic Connect server for a token for the credit card number and stores the token. When the transaction is submitted, Payments makes another real-time request from the Connect server for the card number so that it can be submitted directly to the payment processor.

The card number is never stored in the Microsoft Dynamics database. Instead, when the card number is required for payment processor communication, ChargeLogic Payments retrieves it from Connect, securely transmits it, and then forgets it. This allows users to maintain the direct connection to their payment processors while removing the Microsoft Dynamics database server from PCI scope.

ChargeLogic Connect is a subscription service with a nominal one-time setup fee and a recurring, monthly subscription fee. Click-to-Pay, Hosted Orders, Gift Cards, and Hosted Payments charge per transaction fees. Secure Remote Storage is available to all businesses and is included at no charge with ChargeLogic Connect subscriptions.


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