Getting Started with ChargeLogic Shipping for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2018-03-20T12:21:02+00:00

Rate Shopping

Rate Shopping allows you to compare the cost and delivery dates of the available Shipping Agent Services. Once you have added items to your Sales Order, expand the Shipping and Billing FastTab. If you don’t see the Agent field, you may need to select the Show More link. Select an Agent from the lookup. Next, click the Rate Shop action in the ribbon.

If there are Items on the Sales Order that do not contain physical dimensions, ChargeLogic Shipping will give you the opportunity to specify the weight, length, width, and height at this time. If all Items on the Sales Order already have physical dimensions, you will not see this step. These dimensions are required for Rate Shopping, as the system needs to estimate the number of packages needed to ship the Sales Order. Add any missing physical dimensions and click OK. The system will ask if you want to update the master records with the entered information. If you want to update the Item master with the physical dimensions that you specified so that they will be used automatically next time you sell this item, click Yes.

You will now see the Services available from your location to your Customer’s shipping address. Each Service has a Cost, a Price, and an Estimated Delivery Date. Select the desired Service and click OK. The system will create a new Sales Line that represents the freight charge to the Customer.