Deliver customized, targeted emails from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automatically deliver customized, targeted emails directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central for invoices, orders, shipments, returns, and sales quotes with ChargeLogic Notify.

Clearly provide the exact information you want with the exact look you want to increase customer satisfaction, promote your brand, and drive business. ChargeLogic Notify enables businesses to completely customize emails and send them from Dynamics 365 Business Central–everything from design to content—with a powerful, but easy to use template system. Contacts can be set up to have emails automatically sent to them when specified actions are taken in Dynamics 365 Business Central, or on an impromptu basis.

Customize Your Invoices, Orders, Credit Memos, Shipment and Return Confirmations

ChargeLogic Notify’s powerful template system allows you to control the look and content of your emails. Six preprogrammed email templates make it easy to get started: order confirmation, shipment notification, invoices, return confirmation, return receipt, and credit memo. Sub-templates enable users to make changes in one central place and have those changes appear in all linked email templates, saving time and eliminating the possibility of errors.

Set different email templates by customer type, campaign, date range, etc. Easy-to-use filters enable users to have custom emails go to different categories of recipients. Provide details within emails such as items shipped, shipping methods, payment terms, payment method, FAQs, return instructions, as well as custom messages, promotions—whatever information you want to provide to customers.

Deliver Targeted Communications to Customers

Beyond providing basic communications, ChargeLogic Notify gives businesses the ability to automatically include targeted, customized marketing and service messages within emails. Set up business rules to bring in data from any Dynamics 365 Business Central table, such as campaigns, associated contacts, orders, previous orders, and more. Design corresponding messages to drive business, increase customer satisfaction, provide information, and consistently promote your brand.

With ChargeLogic Notify you can set up defaults for contacts that should always receive specified communications. You determine if individuals receive a direct email or if they are in the cc or bcc field. Not sure which contacts should receive a communication? ChargeLogic Notify suggests a list of associated contacts and allows you to select who receives the email.

Use ChargeLogic Notify by Itself or with ChargeLogic’s Other Products

ChargeLogic Notify is a great tool by itself, but it’s even better when used with our other solutions. Contact us at for more information.

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