ChargeLogic Payments’ Fraud Protection Suite is another layer of security for credit card processing in Dynamics NAV in addition to the security offered by your payment processor. It is designed to prevent a potentially fraudulent order from shipping after the authorization request has gone out to the processor and the card is approved. It gives you varying amounts of control over transactions, from providing you with a warning to declining transactions based on the settings you choose. Here are five setups to help you prevent fraudulent transactions.

1. Address Verification

The Address Verification System in ChargeLogic Payments is used to verify the identity of the cardholder by comparing the billing address provided by the cardholder with the billing address on file of the card-issuing bank. You have the opportunity to adjust the settings for a total address mismatch, a partial match, or a mismatch, which is when the address cannot be verified by the card issuer.

2. Transaction Ceilings and Floors

When thieves use stolen credit card numbers, they will often perform a test purchase of a small amount, like a one dollar purchase, to see if the card is valid. You can use ChargeLogic’s settings to warn you of unlikely small or large purchases by setting transaction ceilings and floors. You determine the amounts and the action that happens when those amounts are reached.

3. Difference in Bill-to and Ship-to Addresses

You can adjust the settings of the Bill-to/Ship-to Difference Action to keep thieves from paying for items with a stolen credit card number and having the shipment sent to a location that doesn’t match the billing address of the card. By enabling this option, you can keep such orders from being shipped.

4. Velocity Checking

You can also adjust velocity checking, which flags cards as fraudulent when the same card number or customer information is attempted multiple times in a set time period. You determine the number of transactions that must occur in a set time period before flagging or denying further transactions.

5. CVV Mismatch

Adjusting the settings of ChargeLogic’s CVV Unknown or Mismatch can help ensure that phone and e-commerce orders are placed by individuals who actually have the card in hand.

It’s important to consider all of your workflows and customer scenarios when making adjustments to these options. Selecting thresholds that are too slight or too severe can negatively impact your business. Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner can help you determine how to adjust ChargeLogic Payments’ Fraud Protection Suite to maximize the security setting to get the perfect blend of security and customer service for your business. Learn more by attending a free webinar that demonstrates how ChargeLogic Payments can help you securely process credit card payments in Dynamics NAV.