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ChargeLogic Merchant Services Signup

Tell Us About Your Business

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Business Contact Information

Please provide your business contact. This address will receive information regarding your merchant services application as well as monthly invoices and non-technical communications about your ChargeLogic account.

Technical Contact Information

Please provide the contact information to receive ChargeLogic service update communications, maintenance communications, and other technical service-related communications.

Sales Volume Assessment

Please answer all questions below in $ USD.

Statement Analysis

Please provide us with the last three statements from your current merchant service provider so we can verify the transaction volume and provide you with a rate analysis.

E-Commerce and Click-to-Pay Registration

Fraud Protection

ChargeLogic Connect can help you fight fraudulent transactions by making use of the payment network's Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Verification Values (CVV). ChargeLogic Connect automatically requests AVS on every authorization, while your e-commerce site determines whether the CVV is required. The AVS and CVV responses are transmitted to ChargeLogic Connect from the card issuer as a part of an Approval response. ChargeLogic Connect may reverse Approved transactions, preventing submission of the order, if they trigger a Fraud Protection rule. These Fraud Protection settings are optional and can be changed upon request. You can contact ChargeLogic to change these settings once your are set up with the ChargeLogic Connect service.


Click-to-Pay allows you to send a link to your customer to pay your invoices and statements online via our hosted payment page.

Enter the Email Address from which Click-to-Pay emails from our server should appear to come from.