ChargeLogic Payments

ChargeLogic Payments

Credit Card and Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ChargeLogic's approach to easy, secure, and reliable electronic payment processing helps you stay focused on your business. Built on an encrypted web services platform and completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), users can easily enter data for authorization. Charges are automatically settled when sales orders are shipped or when a retail sale is completed. See how it works!

For Retail with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, use standard tender types to accept electronic payments. ChargeLogic comes fully functional for credit cards, PIN pads, signature capture, check imaging, check verification, and check conversion.

ChargeLogic Connect, a cloud-based service, offers true e-commerce integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Easy... ChargeLogic is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ChargeLogic eliminates the need for external hardware and software by bringing electronic payment processing inside of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By integrating directly with your order processing work-flow, you get authorization approvals at the time an order is placed. The system automatically captures funds when an order is shipped and invoiced. For repeat customers, ChargeLogic automatically authorizes the assigned default credit card when an order is released to the warehouse, with no user intervention needed.

You can set up customers so that no extra steps are necessary to receive credit card orders. ChargeLogic automatically authorizes at the right time and settles at the right time. The result is faster more accurate orders. What could be easier!

Secure... ChargeLogic keeps customer data safe

ChargeLogic Payments is PCI-validated, which means that ChargeLogic routinely undergoes lengthy audits regulated by the PCI Security Standards Council. ChargeLogic encrypts sensitive customer account information, while still allowing recently used credit cards to be on file for easy reference.

In addition to the Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value results, ChargeLogic has a full Fraud Protection Suite to help identify risky transactions before an order is shipped.

ChargeLogic offers advanced research functionality such as instant transaction retrieval by date and card number in order to protect merchants against possible charge-backs. You can be confident that your customers' data are safe and your business is protected.

Reliable... ChargeLogic processes every transaction, every time

ChargeLogic is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and directly connects with all the major payment processors in the United States and Canada, giving your customers a smooth, reliable transaction with every purchase.

Our single-point connection cuts out middle-ware and eliminates the need to utilize third party software or gateways. Fewer connections mean fewer delays and a speedy average transaction time of two seconds or less! ChargeLogic's single-point connection increases the accuracy of transactions -- just key information in once to eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies between what you actually charge customers and what your system says you charged.

ChargeLogic's reliability reduces transaction time at the point-of-sale, providing customers with a smooth purchasing experience every time.

How it works...