Converting to Versapay Tokens

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If you are an existing Versapay customer that is leveraging a gateway other than VPYNETORK, and you wish to switch to take advantage of newer features, you will need to do something with your existing account holder data. Your options are to purge all the existing data and, after converting to tokenization, get the cardholder data directly from the customer again, or convert your data to Versapay Tokens. This only applies if the Data Protection Type you are using is Encrypted Storage or Remote Storage. If you are currently using Tokenization with a gateway other than VPYNETWORK, you have no choice other than to get the cardholder data again.

To convert to the new tokens, you will need to manually kick off the conversion process.

From the Role Center, use the drop down in the Versapay Cloud Platform Activities, and open the Versapay Cloud Platform Setup.

From the ribbon, click Actions, then Convert to Versapay Tokens.

You will then review the conditions of this process and choose Yes to continue or No to abort this procedure.

After saying Yes, you’ll decide whether you also want to convert open authorizations. Choose Yes to convert them, and No to skip the authorization piece. If you choose No, you will not be able to settle any existing authorizations. You would then need to create a new authorization, which will place an additional hold on the customer’s funds for the amount of the transaction.


Lastly, you can choose whether you wish to commit after each token is created. Choose Yes to commit after each token, or No to only commit at the end.

This is a time-consuming process and can take hours, or even days to run, depending on the volume of data that needs to be converted, so keep that in mind before kicking off this process. It is strongly recommended that you run this after hours, potentially over a weekend to minimize disruption. You can help reduce the time this process takes to run by clearing and/or purging expired cardholder data.
When complete, a success message will appear.

At this point, the previously stored cardholder data is now stored using Versapay Tokens, and if you choose to reverse and recreated authorizations you will now have Queued transactions that can be reviewed and submitted. This can be done from the Activities pane on your Role Center, by opening the Queued Transactions cue, and using the Submit action in the ribbon.

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