Customer Hierarchies

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Versapay ARC can manage complex customer hierarchies. Hierarchies allow suppliers to identify parent and child relationships among related customers. Supplier users can view these hierarchies in ARC and they can be used to assist with consolidated account management and apply payments across multiple customer entities. To enhance the integration between MS Dynamics NAV/Business Central with the ARC platform, ChargeLogic Payments has added support for customer hierarchies.

In this article we will explain the setup and operation of the customer hierarchy feature included with the ChargeLogic Payments software. Customer Hierarchies can be used within MS Dynamics NAV/Business Central as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with the Versapay ARC system.


To create a customer hierarchy, we have added the “Parent Customer No.” field to the Payments fast tab on a Customer Card in NAV/Business Central :



From the Customer Card you can navigate to Related > Customer > View Hierarchy, which shows you the hierarchy tree and you can see the open balance of each customer and the total rolled up to the top of the hierarchy.


ARC Integration:

If you are utilizing the ARC integration, hierarchies associated with a customer will flow to the ARC system automatically.


Managing Payments from ARC to NAV/Business Central:

Customers in a parent relationship with child customers can make payments in ARC for those children. When a parent customer logs in, they will see invoices and the child customer associated with each of those invoices. They can choose to pay any combination of invoices.


When a hierarchy payment is processed in ARC, it is sent to BC, like any other payment. In the Versapay Cloud Platform log we will see the payment come in split by each child company like this:


When the cash receipts journal is posted, the customer ledger will reflect that payment. This example has both the payment and a surcharge managed here on the ledger.


Note: NAV/Business Central does not see the payer/parent company information the data that comes back from ARC. ChargeLogic Payments applies the ARC payment(s) to all the individual child accounts and balances their ledger, but there is no data in NAV/Business Central  that indicates what company has made the payment.

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