Data Deletion Actions

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This article describes functions that delete data from your system. You should only use these functions if you are sure that you want to irrecoverably delete payment data from your system.


There may be times at which you need to remove sensitive payment data from your system. For example, if you need to switch the Data Protection Type on the EFT Setup Card from Encrypted Storage to Tokenization, you must first remove all sensitive payment data from your system. There are two routines that you can use: Delete Customer Payment Data and Cleanse Cardholder Data. Both routines can be accessed from the Advanced menu on the EFT Setup Card under Data Deletion.

Delete Customer Payment Data

The Delete Customer Payment Data allows you to quickly remove Customer Credit Card records (this also includes credit cards linked to Contacts, as they are stored in the same location). When you run the Delete Customer Payment Data routine, you will need to click OK to start the process. After the routine runs, all Customer Credit Card records will be removed.

Cleanse Cardholder Data

The Cleanse Cardholder Data routine blanks out the Protected Account Number field on records that contain credit card numbers or tokens. The routine does not delete the records themselves – it simply removes the stored Protected Account Number. After the routine completes, all records containing payment information will still exist, but the Protected Account Number field will be blank. The Account Number field will still contain the masked card number (e.g., XXXXXXXXXXXX1234).

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