Default Point of Sale Button Configuration

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ChargeLogic Retail Express configures your “Default” Interface Profile with a set of default buttons. These buttons have been configured to perform all the basic tasks in a standard point of sale. In this article, we’ll review what each of these buttons does.

Add Item

Clicking on the Add Item button will open the Item List, allowing you to select an item to add to the sale.

Cancel Sale

The Cancel Sale button voids all the Sales Lines in the current sale, including any payments that have been tendered.

Suspend Sale

The Suspend Sale button puts the current sale on hold. It can be retrieved with the Retrieve Sale button.

Retrieve Sale

Retrieve Sale will open a list of sales that have been suspended. You can select a sale from this list and reopen it in the Point of Sale.

Select Customer

Use Select Customer to open a list of customers to choose from and add to the sale.

Add Comment

Add Comment will add a comment line to the sale, allowing you to make notes. Comment lines will appear on the customer’s receipt.


The History button opens a menu that shows the posted sales and returns for the store.

Toggle Sale/Return

Toggle Sale/Return will toggle the modes of the Point of Sale between Sale and Return. When in Sale mode, items will be added to the sale with a positive quantity and amount. When in Return mode, items will be added to the sale with a negative quantity and amount.

Default Folders

The Gift Card Mgt., Cashier Mgt., and Order Mgt. folders contain additional buttons with functions related to each of those areas.

Gift Card Management

Activate Gift Card

Activate Gift Card allows you to enter a valid gift card number and activate that card.

Deactivate Gift Card

The Deactivate Gift Card button prompts you to enter a gift card number and then deactivates that card.

Increase Balance

Select Increase Balance to increment the balance of the chosen gift card number by an amount of your choosing.

Balance Inquiry

Balance Inquiry will query the balance of a particular gift card number and return that amount.

Cashier Management

Change Password

Change Password will prompt the current cashier to enter a new password for their cashier record.


The X-Report will display a summary of the day’s sales in the store.

Close Day/Shift

Close Day/Shift will close the shift for the currently logged-in cashier.

Float Cash

Float Cash allows you to add a tender amount to the cash drawer.

Remove Tender

The inverse of Float Cash, Remove Tender will remove a tender amount from the cash drawer.

Count Drawer

Count Drawer is used to count all the denominations of currency in the Cash Drawer and find any discrepancies with the sale history.

Open Drawer

Open Drawer will pop open the cash drawer.

Order Management

Special Order

The Special Order button will turn the selected Sales Line into a special order. You can also create a special order using the Special Order button in the Item List.

Pickup Order

Pickup Order will display a list of pending Special Orders that are ready to be picked up. Select one of these orders to complete the order and collect the remaining balance due, if applicable.

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