Disable Test Shipment When Sales Orders are Released

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ChargeLogic Shipping attempts to perform an online validation of the data required to generate a shipping label during the Sales Order release process using a test shipment. The packages for this test shipment are generated using Smart Pack. This allows your users to identify potential problems, like a missing phone number, before the warehouse has started the picking process. However, in some cases, this test shipment may not be compatible with your workflow. For example, if you routinely ship items that don’t have well-defined weights or physical dimensions, Smart Pack might not be able to estimate the number of packages required. You can disable test shipments using the following procedure.

How To

On the menu, search for Shipping Agent Comm. Profiles to open the Shipping Agent Communication Profiles page. Set the “Test Shipment Codeunit ID” to blank on the relevant record. This setting is per-Shipping Agent, so to disable test shipments for all Shipping Agents, you will need to set the “Test Shipment Codeunit ID” to blank for all records.

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