The dynamic Division functionality allows the Versapay Cloud Platform to receive new and/or updated values from within the ERP. Let’s look at the current Division values that exist today.


Next, we’ll look at the options within the ERP for tracking Dimensions. From the Home Screen, open the Versapay Cloud Platform Setup. Here we see a few settings that are global to the synchronization to the Versapay Cloud Setup. For the Division functionality, we’ll focus on the first 2 fields.




Division Mapping:

  • Do Not Use – When Do Not Use is selected, Divisions will not be used.
  • Entered Value – Use Entered Value to send a specific value to the Versapay Cloud Platform. Enter the value you wish to use in the Preset Division Value field.
  • Global Dimension 1 – Syncs the Global Dimension 1 values that have been established
  • Global Dimension 2 – Syncs the Global Dimension 2 values that have been established


The second setup identifies which features of the integration are setup. This is the Synchronization Codeunit Setup which can be found on the Gateway record. Here we see this gateway is configured to sync Customers and Divisions. You can see all the options by drilling into the Synchronization Type field.


If you selected either Global Dimension 1 or 2 as the Division Mapping, these values need to be pushed up to the Versapay Cloud Platform. This is done from within the Versapay Cloud Platform Log.


Under Actions, choose the Mass Create Divisions action.


Here, you can apply any filters you wish to limit the dataset being created.


To confirm these values are correct, we’ll look at the G/L Setup to confirm what Dimension is being used as Global Dimension 1.


Here we see the Dimension Code is Department. Next, we can navigate to the Dimensions setup, and see the Dimensions Values.


In this case, we have 3 Dimension Values, which perfectly match the 3 entries in the Versapay Cloud Platform Log.

The last step is to push this data up to the Versapay Cloud Platform. You can do this by using the Process Log Entries action in the ribbon.


We will now be able to see these entries in the Versapay Cloud Platform.