Free Freight on a Per-Order Basis

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At times, you may want to offer a customer free freight. The ChargeLogic Shipping freight pricing rules do allow you to configure rules for when free freight is automatically selected, but sometimes you might want to offer free freight on a per-order basis.

Shipping Billing Type

On a Sales Order, there is a field called “Shipping Billing Type”. This field allows you to determine who is paying for the freight charge for the order. The default option is Shipper, which means that your shipping account is used, you pay the Shipping Agent, and you charge your customer some amount for shipping. To offer free fright per-order, set the “Shipping Billing Type” field to Free. Like the Shipper option, this uses your shipping account, and you will be charged by the Shipping Agent, but the price on the freight line to your customer will be zero.


The Free “Shipping Billing Type” option value is available on the Shipping Agent Service Defaults table. You can configure this for a specific shipping agent, for example, resulting in defaulting the free freight option on a Sales Order where shipping agent is selected.


The Free freight option on a Shipping Agent Shipment is available as well. The “Billing Type” on the Shipment record will be defaulted to “Free” when you create a new Shipping Agent Shipment from a Free Freight Sales Order.


The “Billing Type” will be transferred to Posted Shipping Agent Shipments. You will know whether an order was set to Free Freight by checking the “Billing Type” field on the Posted Shipment.

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