How To Configure Cloud Printing

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ChargeLogic Retail Express uses cloud printing technology to give you the best experience when printing receipts. That means that you can print receipts from any web browser or tablet running ChargeLogic Retail Express without worrying about complex cabling or driver setup.


Printer Configuration:

The video above showed you how to configure the ChargeLogic Cloud Print Service within Business Central, but there are additional setups that need to be completed for your printer.

When the printer is plugged in, it will print out a Status page that has an IP address on it. If you have not plugged it into the internet, you’ll need to do that now. Depending on your network settings, you may need to access the administrator settings. Please review the documentation that came with your printer for this information, including logging in.

Once the status page shows the IP address, you’ll need to open up a web browser and navigate to http://ipaddress/PrinterConfigurationPage (Case sensitive), where ipaddress is the value from the status page.

On the left side of the page, find the option for Direct Print. Depending on whether the firmware of the printer is 3x or 4x, the screens are different but contain basically the same information.

The top image shows the 3.x firmware, while the bottom is the 4.x.

Enter the username, password, and URL you used in the Hardware Setup Wizard.

Note that 4.x firmware can use https, but 3.x cannot. We recommend always using https, which might require you to update the firmware of your printer. If you need assistance with that, you would need to contact your IT department.

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