How To Create Default Options For A Certain Customer Or Service

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When shipping from a Sales Order, you have the ability to set options for the Shipping Agent Service, like Delivery Confirmation, Saturday Delivery, and more. There might be options that you always want to enable, like Signature Required. You can configure these default options by Service or by Customer. If there are conflicting default options, the Customer-specific settings take precedence.

Shipping Service Defaults

There are two places where you can configure default service options: from the Customer Card or from the Shipping Agent. If you set defaults at the Shipping Agent level, they will apply to all Customers unless a Customer has its own set of defaults.

  1. From the Customer Card or from the Shipping Agents List, choose the Shipping Service Defaults action in the Navigate ribbon.

  2. Add new records for each Service for which you want to create default options. In the example below, UPS Ground will default to have the Signature Required option enabled for this Customer.
  3. Now, when you create a Sales Order and select UPS Ground, the selected default options will be set. You can always change them per-order if needed.

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