How To Enable The Auto-Logoff Feature In Retail Express

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ChargeLogic Retail Express allows you to configure individual POS registers to log off after each sale or return. This is useful in situations where a POS might be shared between salespeople or when the POS is left unattended between customer interactions.

Enable Auto-Logoff

Open the EFT Terminal Card for the POS register for which you want to enable Auto-Logoff.

In ChargeLogic Retail Express, a POS register is called a Terminal. Each Terminal has a setup card that contains information about that Terminal. Open the Terminal Card to view or change the settings.

  1. From your home page, select Manual Setup from the Setup & Extensions menu.
  2. Select ChargeLogic Payments from the Manual Setup List. This will open the EFT Setup Card.
  3. Select the Stores action from the ribbon to open the Store List.
  4. From the Store List, select the Store for the Terminal for which you want to enable the Auto-Logoff feature. This will open the Store Card.
  5. From the Store Card, click the Terminals action in the ribbon. This will open the Terminal List.
  6. Select the desired Terminal to open the Terminal Card.

Enable the Logoff POS After Sale/Return Feature

Expand the Retail Express tab and place a checkmark in the Logoff POS After Sale/Return field. This will enable the Auto-Logoff feature for this Terminal.

Close the Terminal Card and repeat the process for any other Terminals for which you want to change this setting.

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