How to Import Sales Order and Sales Quotes into the Point of Sale

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At times, you may want to create a business workflow in which you allow a back-office Sales Order or Sales Quote to be paid and fulfilled at the Point of Sale. You can perform this activity using the Get Order and Get Quote POS Commands. These commands may not be on the default Interface Profiles, so you might need to add them yourself.

Get Order

To pull a standard Sales Order into the Point of Sale, use the Get Order command.

Activating this command will display a list of Sales Orders that are available for import. Select an order to continue.

The import process modifies some values on the Sales Order like the Location Code so that the order can be fulfilled through the Point of Sale. You may see warning messages about these changes.

The Point of Sale will now display the Sales Order lines. You can now use the Point of Sale normally on this order.

Get Quote

The Get Quote command functions exactly like the Get Order command except that the system will first convert the Quote to an Order.

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