How to Mass Invite Portal Users

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While you are able to invite individual users to the payment portal from the Customer Card and from the Contact Card, at times, it may be easier to send out many invitations at once. Using this Invite Portal Users functionality, you can create a list of Contacts and Customers in a temporary workspace, confirm the email addresses, and send the invitations.

Open the Invite Portal Users Page

From the Payment Transaction List, use the Invite Portal Users action to open the Invite Portal Users Page.

Add Customers and Contacts

Use the Add Customers and Add Contacts actions to add Customers and Contacts to the workspace. Use the filter page to add the desired Customers or Contacts. Click OK to add Customers or Contacts within the filter.


Verify the Email Addresses

Edit the E-Mail Addresses if desired.

Send Invitations

Use the Send Invitations action to send invitations to the Customers and Contacts in the workspace.

If any problems are encountered, the error will be indicated in the Last Error Message field. Invitations that are sent successfully will be removed from the list.

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