How to Redeem Loyalty Points

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Loyalty Points are associated with a particular Loyalty Program. Customers can accrue Loyalty Points by making qualifying purchases. See the related article, How to Configure Loyalty, for details. Once a Customer has accrued Loyalty Points, those Points can be used to make payments, similar to how other tender types like Credit Card and Gift Card are used.

Find a Customer’s Loyalty Balance

  1. From the Customer Card, Navigate to Loyalty Programs
  2. This will display the Loyalty Programs in which the Customer is enrolled. On the Customer Loyalty Statistics fact box, you will see the qualifying sale total and the number of accrued Loyalty Points.
  3. To see details, you can Navigate to the Customer’s Loyalty Ledger Entries for the Loyalty Program.
  4. Each Loyalty Ledger Entry also has a Detailed Ledger Entry so that you can see how redemptions were applied.

Redeem Loyalty Points From A Sales Order

  1. Loyalty Points can be redeemed from a Sales Order using the same mechanism as a manual credit card charge. From the Sales Order’s Actions ribbon, select Payment->Loyalty->Charge from the menu. This will open the Loyalty Charge transaction card.
  2. Select the Loyalty Program Code from which you want to deduct the Points. Then, enter the Transaction Amount. This Amount will be automatically converted into Points. Click Submit to process the redemption.
  3. If the Customer’s Loyalty balance is insufficient, you will receive a message letting you know.
  4. You can then adjust the Transaction Amount to reduce the number of Points required and Submit the transaction again.
  5. Once the Loyalty payment has been approved, the rest of the order can be paid for using any valid payment method.
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