How To Set Up a Gift Card Program Using the Gift Card Setup Wizard

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Before running the Gift Card Setup Wizard to set up a gift card program managed by a payment service provider, set up the Gateway Account for that payment service provider first.


The Gift Card Setup Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up a gift card program that is either managed internally or by a payment service provider. You can run the Wizard from the EFT Setup Card or from the Gift Cards List.

Welcome to the Gift Card Setup Wizard

Click Next to continue.

Gateway Account Selection

Select which Account will be used to process your gift cards. If you want to set up an internally managed gift card program, choose the LOOPBACK account.

Store Selection

Now, select which Store will be used to process gift cards. If you have multiple Stores, you can run this wizard again for each Store.

If the Store that you selected already has some Gift Card setups, the Wizard will ask if you want to replace the existing setups. This could happen if your credit card payment processor accepts gift cards, but you are using a different provider for your new gift card program.

Issuer ID Number Selection

Issuer ID Numbers, sometimes called BINs (Bank Identification Numbers), allow payment systems to route your transaction to the right place. For example, Issuer ID Numbers that start with a 4 are known by payment processing systems to be Visa cards and should be routed to Visa for processing. You will need to enter an Issuer ID Number for your new gift card program. You should enter a 6-digit value that does not conflict with a major credit card brand. We recommend that you start your gift card Issuer ID Numbers with an 8, as that range is currently unused. If you are setting up a gift card program run by a payment service provider, you will need to enter the first 6 digits of your gift card numbers. You can also use the lookup to see if your Issuer ID Number already exists in the system. You can also enter a description for your gift card program.

Issuer ID Number Settings

If you selected an existing Issuer ID Number, the wizard will skip this step. Enter the length of your gift card numbers. If you are managing your own program, we recommend a length of 19. If you are using a managed program, enter the actual length of your gift card numbers. Next, specify if your gift card numbers should use a check digit.

The last digit of most payment cards is actually a calculated check digit that can be used to quickly detect transposed digits resulting from data entry errors.
We recommend that you enable this feature. Finally, specify if your gift cards should have an expiration date. If you are managing your own program, please note that some jurisdictions prohibit expiration dates on gift cards.

Non-Tender Operation Settings

When gift cards are activated, deactivated, or have their balance increased, the system will record the action as a sale or return. Note that if you use Items, you will need to set the Gift Card field on the Item to match the gift card action. (e.g., Activate).

For existing Issuer ID Numbers, these fields will be auto populated from the current Issuer ID Number. For new Issuer ID Number, you need to select the Type and No. to use for each action.

Generate Gift Card Numbers

For internally managed gift card programs, the wizard can generate gift card numbers for you. Just enter the number of card numbers to generate and click Next.


When you click the Finish button, the wizard will configure your gift card program.

If you specified that you wanted the wizard to generate gift cards for you, you will see the card numbers in the Gift Cards List.

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