How To Set Up and Take Cash Payments

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While ChargeLogic Payments can help you accept many forms of electronic payments, like credit, debit, and gift cards, it can also help you manage non-electronic payment methods like cash. Because cash payments don’t need to be approved by your payment processor, some additional settings may be required to enable cash payments.

Add the Cash Store Methods

First, we need to verify if your Store is configured for cash payments.

  1. From your home page, go to Manual Setup from the Setup & Extensions menu.
  2. Choose the ChargeLogic Payments setup. This will open the EFT Setup Card.
  3. Click the Stores action on the ribbon to open the Store List.
  4. If you have more than one Store, select the Store for which you want to enable cash payments. You can repeat this process if you have multiple Stores that you want to enable. Then, from the Navigate ribbon, select Methods.
  5. Make sure that the following Methods are listed: CASHADD, CASHCREDIT, CASHNEGADJ, CASHPAYMT, CASHPOSADJ, CASHREFUND, and CASHREMOVE. These Methods should be linked to the LOOPBACK Gateway and the LOOPBACK Gateway Account. That means that when you submit a cash transaction, it will be handled by the LOOPBACK account, which is an account that comes with ChargeLogic payments that handles transactions that don’t need 3rd party approval.
    If you want to accept cash in multiple currencies, create a copy of each of the cash Methods for each Currency Code you want to accept.

Accept Cash Payments From an Order

  1. From a Sales Order, you can accept cash payments using the Cash menu on the Actions ribbon.
  2. The Transaction Amount will automatically populate with the remaining amount on the Order. You can adjust it if you want to take a partial payment. You can also enter the amount tendered to have the system calculate the change due.


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