How to Setup Amazon Login & Pay

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Amazon Login & Pay


Before you begin the implementation, you must authorize the ChargeLogic integration on your Amazon seller account by going here.


Once your Amazon seller account has been registered with ChargeLogic, you will need to create a Gateway Account Card in ChargeLogic Payments under the Amazon Login & Pay Gateway. You will need your AWS Access Key ID and your Seller ID. Enter these values on Gateway Account Card. If you have an existing Store in ChargeLogic Payments, the Methods for Amazon Login & Pay must be added to the Store Methods list for that Store before they can be used.

Basic Flow

Amazon Login & Pay transactions start on the web when a customer clicks the Login & Pay button on your website. An Amazon Order ID is generated. This Order ID needs to be brought into the ChargeLogic Payments software.

To authorize a payment on an Amazon order in ChargeLogic Payments, an EFT Transaction must be created with a Method Type of Authorize for the Amazon Login & Pay Gateway. The AmazonOrderReferenceId needs to be populated into the Transaction ID field. The Transaction Amount must contain the Amazon Order transaction amount. Once the proper fields are populated, the transaction must be submitted. After that, the Authorization will behave like a normal web payment authorization in ChargeLogic Payments. Note that during the submission process, the AmazonOrderReferenceId is moved from the Transaction ID field to the Approval Number field so that the AmazonAuthorizationId can be stored in the Transaction ID field for settlement.

ChargeLogic Payments will call the Amazon SetOrderDetails, ConfirmOrder, and Authorize methods during the authorization process. When the order ships and is invoiced, ChargeLogic Payments will capture the authorization.

Partial Invoices

If there is a partial shipment/partial invoice, the ChargeLogic Payments software will get a new Authorization from Amazon based on the original AmazonOrderReferenceId.


You can refund against a settlement from within ChargeLogic Payments.

Hosted Orders

The proper creation, population, and submission of the Amazon Login & Pay transaction in ChargeLogic Payments can be accomplished automatically through a ChargeLogic Connect Hosted Order by setting the WebPaymentTransactionID field on the Hosted Order to the AmazonOrderReferenceId. If you are not using Hosted Orders, you will be responsible for creating, populating, and submitting the EFT Transaction record in ChargeLogic Payments yourself.


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