How To Ship a Package Not Related To an Order

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At times, you may want to use ChargeLogic Shipping to generate a shipping label that is not related to an order. For example, you may need to ship items to a trade show, or you may need to ship samples to a customer. You can accomplish this by creating a new Shipping Agent Shipment.

Create the Shipment

  1. From your home page, choose Shipments from the Shipping menu. This will open the Shipment List.
  2. Click the New action to create a new manual shipment.
  3. Leave the No. field blank; it will be populated with the next No. from your No. Series. Select Sales as the Source Type.
  4. Populate the Shipping Agent Code and Shipping Agent Service Code fields with the desired values. If you are shipping to a known Customer that already exists in your system, you should select that Customer as the Sell-to/Buy-from No.
  5. If you are shipping to an address not associated with a Customer, you will need to fill in the addresses manually. Click on one of the Address fields to open the Address Edit page. Populate the address and close the page when you are finished. If the address you entered does not appear on the Shipment, try refreshing the page.

  6. Add as many Packages as you will be shipping. Enter a Description and a Manual Weight. Select a Package Type Code. If you want to assign a value to the Package, enter it in the Amount field.
  7. If the Ship-to tab is empty because you did not select a Customer, make sure to fill in the Ship-to Address.
  8. You can select Service Options on the Options tab, like COD and Saturday Delivery if required.
  9. Click the Post action in the ribbon to print your label and post your shipment.
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