How To Take a Payment For A Posted Sales Invoice

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You may have customers who have payment terms and are not required to prepay. For those customers, invoices are left open on the Customer account until a payment is received. ChargeLogic Payments allows you to take a payment for posted documents. For example, after a customer receives your invoice by mail or email, that customer may want to pay by credit card. In many cases, accepting credit card payments for posted invoices allows you to get paid faster.

Navigate to the Posted Sales Invoice to be Paid

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there are usually many ways to accomplish a task. Open the Posted Sales Invoice. This can be done through the Customer Ledger, through the Posted Sales Invoice List, by Navigating, or by any other method.

  1. From your home screen, select the Sales menu and choose Posted Sales Invoices. This will open the Posted Sales Invoice List
  2. Find the invoice to be paid, and click on the Invoice No. to open the Posted Sales Invoice Card.

Take the Payment

  1. Use the tender type menus on the Action ribbon of the Posted Sales Invoice Card to select the appropriate payment method (e.g., Credit Card, Gift Card) and choose the type of transaction you would like to perform. In this case, we will perform a Credit Card Charge. Click the Credit Card menu on the Actions ribbon and select the Charge action. This will open the Credit Card Charge Transaction Card.
  2. When the Transaction Card opens, the Store No. and Terminal No. fields may be blank. Tabbing through those fields will select your default Store and Terminal. Once the Transaction populates, the Transaction Amount field will be automatically filled with the remaining amount on the invoice. If you see a zero in this field, it probably means that the invoice has already been paid. You can change the Transaction Amount to a lesser value if you do not want to take a payment for the entire invoice amount right now. However, you cannot change the amount to be greater than the remaining amount on the invoice. Next, fill in the Account Number. If the Customer had a Default Account Number defined, this field may already be populated. You can either enter a card number or you can use the lookup button to the right of the Account Number field to select a card on file for this Customer or Contact. Make sure that the Expiration Month and Expiration Year are filled in, and enter the Card Verification Value when appropriate. If needed, you can change the credit card billing address using the Invoicing tab below. When you are ready, click the Submit action in the ribbon to send the transaction for authorization and settlement.
  3. The transaction will be transmitted for processing. If there is a problem processing the transaction, like an error or a decline, you will receive a message to that effect. Check the Transaction Status in the Transaction Details Factbox to see if the transaction was approved. If it was, that means that the funds will be settled on tonight’s settlement batch, and the funds will be applied to the Customer account once the settlement batch as been accepted by the payment processor. If the transaction was not approved, you can click the New button in the ribbon to create a new Transaction and try again.
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