How To Take a Payment for One or More Invoices

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You may have customers with multiple outstanding invoices who want to make a payment on their account with a credit card. You can either accomplish this by taking payments one-by-one from each Posted Invoice Card or by performing a single transaction to accept a payment for all invoices at once. This article will describe the latter method. However, if your customers require detailed Level III data, you must use the former method, and should refer to the related article for instructions on taking a payment for a Posted Sales Invoice.

Navigate to the Cash Receipt Journal

  1. From your home page, navigate to the Cash Receipt Journal List by selecting the Cash Management menu and clicking on Cash Receipt Journals
  2. Open the Journal from which you want to take the payment by clicking on the Journal Name. This will open the Cash Receipt Journal.

Populate the Cash Receipt Journal Line

This section involves populating fields that may not be on the page by default. If there are fields referenced in this section that you do not see on your Journal, you can add them yourself using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Personalize feature.
  1. Confirm the Posting Date for the payment. Then, set the Document Type to Payment, the Account Type to Customer, and select the Customer for which you want to take a payment. Then, click the Apply Entries… action in the ribbon.
  2. In the Apply Entries window, identify the invoices that the customer wants to pay. For each one, highlight the line and click the Set Applies-to ID action in the ribbon. This will tag the highlighted ledger entry with the Document No. from the journal line. Click OK to return to the Journal.
  3. The system will have populated the Amount on the journal line with the accumulated amounts of the tagged ledger entries. Now, select the card to be used to complete the payment by using the lookup in the EFT Account Number field (see the note above if you do not see the EFT Account Number field).
  4. After verifying the Expiration Month and Expiration Year, click the Submit Payment/Credit action in the ribbon to transmit the transaction for authorization.
  5. If the transaction was approved, the EFT Transaction Status will show the status of Approved. If there was a problem, you will be notified in a message pop-up, and the EFT Transaction Status will remain blank.
  6. Post the journal to create the payment on the Customer account and apply it to the selected invoices.
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