How To Use the Gateway Receipt Designer

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The Gateway Receipt Designer allows you to create custom payment receipts that are specific to a particular payment gateway or processor. Each line in the receipt design can have conditions that dictate whether the line will print for a particular transaction. The conditions are based on the attributes of the transaction itself. For example, you may want to print the Balance Amount, but only for Gift Card transactions. For all other Tender Types, the Balance Amount can be suppressed. In addition, you can decide which lines print on the copy of the receipt for the customer and which lines print on the copy for you, the merchant.

Open the Gateway Receipt Designer

From the Gateway Card or List, click the Receipt Designer action on the ribbon. This will open the Receipt Designer List page.

Receipt Designs are language-specific. The design with a blank Language Code is used when there is no design for the Language Code specified on the EFT Transaction. Select the language-specific design to edit. This will open the Receipt Designer.

Preview Records

When you open the Receipt Designer from a Gateway Card or List page, the system checks for payment records for that Gateway. If a payment transaction is found, it is used on the designer page. The preview record can help you see what the receipt will look like for a real transaction. You can change the preview record using the Set Preview Record action on the Manage ribbon.


Data fields can be added to a receipt design using a special macro in the following format: {Table No.,Field No.,L|R|C,Length}. For example, {70000402,275,C,30} will pull field 275 (Hours of Operation) from table 70000402 (EFT Store), allocate 30 characters, and center the data within the 30 character span. The Field Preview column will show you the actual field name in a human-readable format. The Receipt Designer Wizard can help you create new macros to add additional information to your receipts. To start the wizard, click in the Line Text field where you want to insert the macro and click the AssistEdit button or use the Receipt Designer Wizard action on the Manage ribbon.


The Receipt Designer wizard will create a macro for you that contains the Table No, Field No., Alignment, and Length.

Table Selection

First, select the table that contains the data you want to display on the receipt. When the receipt prints, the system will pull data from the Store and Terminal records related to the Transaction that is printing.

Field Selection

Now, select the field to use in your macro. The list of available fields from the selected table are listed.

Data Format

Finally, you can set the alignment of the field selected. You can choose Left, Center or Right. Also, you can enter the number of characters to allocate for the spacing. It will default to the maximum length of the selected field, however you can increase or decrease the number of characters. The maximum number of characters allowed is 1024.

Click Finish to update the macro in the Line Text field on the Receipt Designer.


Your macro has been created and has been added to the design.

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