How To Use the Licensing Setup Wizard

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Subscription licenses for all ChargeLogic apps installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system can be managed from one central location: the Licensing Setup Wizard. This wizard allows you to register your product with ChargeLogic, manage your subscriptions, request a trial, and update your billing information.

Run the Wizard

From the Setup & Extensions action on the Dynamics 365 Business Central home, select Assisted Setup. Then, on the Assisted Setup List, select ChargeLogic Licensing Setup.

This will open the Subscription Licensing Wizard. Click Next to continue.

Register Your Product

If this is the first time running the Subscription Licensing Wizard, you will need to register your product. Enter your business name, address, and other information about your company. Clicking Next will register your product with ChargeLogic using the business information you provided.

Manage Your Licenses

In this step of the Wizard, you can see which ChargeLogic apps are installed in your Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant. Some apps offer a trial. To activate it, click the Request Trial link for the app you want to try.

When you request a trial, the trial license is limited to a certain number of days, which is indicated in the Try link. The trial period starts when you click the link, so if you aren’t ready to start using the app, you might want to wait to activate your trial.

For each app, you can see the current status of your subscription (e.g., Not Subscribed, Active, etc.).

You can see app subscription pricing by using the link in the Pricing column.

Subscribe to an App

Click an Action link to manage the subscription. If you are not currently subscribed to an app, you can subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe link in the Action column. If you are already subscribed, you can manage your subscription using the Action link.

This will open the App Subscription Wizard. Choose an action from the list that reflects how you want to manage the subscription. If you are not already subscribed, the only option will be Subscribe. Click Next to continue.

Pricing for the app will be displayed. For apps that are licensed per tenant (one monthly fee for your whole Business Central system), you will see the price. For apps that are licensed per user, you can specify the number of users you want to license. Click Next to continue.

If this is your first ChargeLogic app subscription, you will need to supply a payment method. Click the “Choose a payment method…” link to open the Payment Method page. If your payment details have already been provided, simply verify the accuracy and click Next.

If you need to add or change your payment method, you will be presented with the Payment Method page. Enter the billing address associated with your credit card. Then enter your credit card number and expiration date. Make sure to check the box indicting that you agree to being billed for your app subscriptions. Then click OK to save your payment details.

If your credit card information is able to be verified, you will receive a confirmation message and be returned to the App Subscription Wizard.

Your payment method will be displayed for confirmation. Click Next to continue.

You will now see a summary of your subscription for this app. In addition, if you are a CSP or reseller, enter your ChargeLogic CSP or Partner Code to associate this subscriber with your company. Click Finish to update your subscription.

You will be returned to the Subscription Licensing Wizard, and the Status of your subscription should reflect your changes.

Sometimes your new subscription takes a few minutes to update. If you don’t see your new subscription status, try clicking the Back button and then click Next to reload your subscriber data.
Click Next to continue.

Modify Your Subscriber or Payment Information

Your credit card information and subscriber data are displayed on this page. Click the “Change payment method or expiration date…” link to update your payment details or billing address. Click “Change my subscriber information…” to change your company contact information. Click Next to continue.


Click Finish to exit the wizard. Any new subscriptions will now be active. You can return to this wizard any time to update, add, or remove your subscriptions to ChargeLogic apps.


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