Layaway Setup

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You can configure ChargeLogic Retail Express to handle your layaway process, including inventory management and payment scheduling.

To get started, navigate to the EFT Setup Card.

Set Up Your Store for Layaways

To use layaways in your retail environment, first configure the layaway settings on your Store card. Navigate to your Store card from EFT Setup by selecting Navigate > General> Stores and selecting the store that you use for Retail Express.

In the Store card, make sure that you have a location selected for your Store. Next, set a Layaway Location Code. When a sale containing a layaway is posted, the inventory for the layaway item will be transferred from the location selected in the Store’s Location Code to the location selected in the Store’s Layaway Location Code. After the customer picks up the layaway, the inventory will be decremented from the layaway location. If the customer cancels the layaway, the inventory will be transferred back to the store’s location from the layaway location.

Configure Layaway Terms

Layaway Terms are used to set the number and frequency of payments for your layaway program. Layaway Terms are required to use layaways in Retail Express. From the Store card, select Navigate > Store > Layaway Terms to open the Layaway Terms list.

When defining new Layaway terms, you will need to enter values for the following fields.

  • Code: The unique identifier for the record.
  • Store No.: The Store No. for the Store being used for retail.
  • Description: Helpful text to tell your cashiers to expect from the layaway terms.
  • Due Date Calculation: A date formula that will determine the frequency of the layaway payments due. For instance, +1W means that a payment will be due weekly. +1M means that a payment will be due monthly.
  • Number of Payments: The number of payments required before the layaway is completed. For instance, if 4 payments are required, there will be 4 payments due at the frequency set in the Due Date Calculation. This number includes the deposit that will be due when the layaway is created.
  • Default: Indicates the Layaway Terms that will be set automatically when a layaway is created.


Create Layaway Buttons

Layaway buttons are not configured in the default button template for Retail Express. To use layaway functionality, you will first need to add them to your template. There are three new commands related to Layaways that can be added to buttons, LAYAWAY, LAYAWAYTERMS, and CANCELLAYAWAY.

The LAYAWAY command is used to set the selected sales line as a layaway using the default Layaway Terms.

The LAYAWAYTERMS command is used to change the Layaway Terms being used for the sale.

The CANCELLAYAWAY command is used to cancel a layaway from a list of pending layaways.

For more information on configuring buttons, see the Your First POS Button help topic.

Configure Cashier Permissions

Before cashiers can use the layaway functionality in Retail Express, they will first need the appropriate permissions for the new layaway commands. There are three new POS Permissions related to layaway functionality, LAYAWAY, LAYAWAYTERMS, and CANCELLAYAWAY. You can add one or more of these to a permission set depending on your policies. Adding these to a permission set will allow all users assigned to that permission set to use those commands.

For more information on configuring permission sets, see the Cashier Permissions in Retail Express help topic.


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