Managing Changes/Deletes of Wallet Entries

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When the Versapay Cloud Platform is in live or test mode and the wallet is setup, then any payment methods that are stored on the customer/contact credit cards or checking account list in Business Central will also be available for use by that customer/contact when they are logged into the Versapay Customer Portal. If customer users provide a nick name for the payment method on the Versapay Customer Portal, then we will store that nick name in the description field in Business Central.

From the customer credit card list, if the ERP user navigates to Tokens, they will see information related to that token, including the Source. The Source indicates where this token originated. It can either be the Versapay Cloud Platform or inside the ERP.


If a payment method originated from the Versapay Cloud Platform, when it is removed by a customer user on the Versapay Customer Portal, that action will mark the card or account as blocked in Business Central and a note is added to the Blocked Reason field indicating that the blocked status originated from the Versapay Cloud Platform.


If the payment method is blocked in Business Central by the ERP user, then the Blocked Reason field reads Blocked by User.


Cards and ACH accounts that are blocked for any reason remain on the list indefinitely with the blocked status. If a card or account were to be deleted from Business Central at any time after it has synced with the Versapay Cloud Platform, it would come back into Business Central from the Versapay Cloud Platform after the next sync. Cards that are blocked can not be used on new sales, but they can still process through for any open transactions or if they can been selected previously on an open document.

If a card is deleted in Business Central, it is also deleted on the Versapay Cloud Platform.

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