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The Point of Sale Interface in ChargeLogic Retail Express can be customized with your own button layout and configuration. We have provided a suite of button commands, themes, and icons that can be used to personalize and enhance your retail point of sale environment. All these tools can be found on the Button Designer page.

Button Layout

Below the Button Properties group is the Button Layout. The button layout shows you what your buttons will look like in the Point of Sale Interface. Using the button layout, you click on a button to select the record for that button and then edit its properties. You can also create new buttons or rearrange existing buttons.

Rearrange Buttons

To rearrange buttons, click on the drag icon in any button, move the button where you want it to go, and then drop the button. If you drop the button in an empty position, the button will move there.

If you drag the button over an existing button, the existing button will slide out of the way. Then you can drop the button you are dragging in that position.

You can also move buttons inside of folders using the drag tool. If you drag a button over a folder, you can drop that button into the folder.

Remove Buttons

To delete a button, click on the X icon on the button. If you remove a folder button, you will also remove all the buttons contained inside that folder.

Folder Buttons

You can make a button into a folder by clicking on the folder icon on that button. You can tell that a button is a folder because it will have a “+” in the upper right corner of the button.  Folders can contain more buttons, or even additional folders.

If you want the folder to just be a normal button again, clicking the folder icon will revert the folder back to a button. However, this will remove any buttons that are contained inside that folder.

Add A Button

To add a button, click on the plus icon inside an empty button position. This will add an empty button with no properties.

Open and Close Folders

You can double click on folders to open them. While you are inside a folder, you can use all the same tools normally available in the button layout.

To close a folder, click on the X icon in the upper right corner of the button layout.

Resize the Layout

To resize the button layout, you can use the resize icon in the lower right corner. Note that this only resizes your designer workspace. When the Point of Sale Interface is opened, it will resize itself to best fit the display device.

Next Steps:

Try creating your own button with the “Your First POS Button” help topic!

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