Navigating the Button Designer: Button Properties

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The Point of Sale Interface in ChargeLogic Retail Express can be customized with your own button layout and configuration. We have provided a suite of button commands, themes, and icons that can be used to personalize and enhance your retail point of sale environment. All these tools can be found on the Button Designer page.

Button Properties

At the top of the Button Designer page, you will see the Properties group. This group shows the properties of the currently selected button. You can see which button is currently selected at the top of the screen. In the example above, the ADDITEM button is selected. You can use these properties to change the behavior and styling of your buttons.

Button Name

The name of the button that is shown to users in the POS Interface.

Button Command

The command that is used when the button is clicked. You can see the full list of available commands and descriptions in the drop-down menu.


If the command used for a button is associated with a table in NAV, you may assign a parameter to that button as well. When the command is executed, it will use the parameter assigned for more specificity. You can click on the drill down button in the parameter field to select from the list of values associated with the command.

The most common usage of this will be to create buttons to add specific items to the sale. You can set the command to ADDITEM and then assign an item code to the parameter field to specify which item you would like that button to add to the sale.


The theme will apply a cosmetic change to the selected button. You can choose from 11 different themes that will change the color of the button.


The button weight refers to the background type that is used for the button. There are two options, Light and Heavy. Light buttons will use a white background with the text and icon color of the selected theme. Heavy buttons will use a background that is the color of the selected theme with white icons and text.


You can choose from many different icons to differentiate your buttons using the drop-down from the icon field.


Use the image field to upload your own images to use for your buttons.

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