Navigating the ChargeLogic Payment Portal

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The ChargeLogic Payment Portal is a useful addition to your ChargeLogic Payments bundle to enable your customers to make secure Credit Card and/or ACH payments for their open invoices. Some of the benefits include:  

  • Ability to pay single or multiple invoices at once 
  • Supports partial or full payment 
  • Save credit card or bank account details on the portal for future use 
  • Print or download PDF Invoice 
  • Receive e-mail confirmation of payment 

These are just a few of the reasons why getting your customers active on the Portal can help reduce collections activities and help you get paid faster. 

Getting Started 

You can provide access to your Payment Portal by sending your Customer an invitation from the Customer or Contact card or by mass inviting customers and/or contacts.   

Invite Individual Users 

From the Payment section of the ribbon on the Customer card, you will see three actions: 

Clicking “Invite User” sends an e-mail invitation to the user inviting them to register for the portal. The e-mail address from the customer card will default into the dialog box, but you can change it to the correct address here. If you have multiple Connect Accounts, you’ll be prompted to select the one that this customer should have portal access to.  

The e-mail body of the invitation looks like this:  

The e-mail comes from, but has your company name in the e-mail Subject and will use the colors and logo that you’ve provided to us for your account.

Mass Invite Users

If you’ve recently added the Payment Portal feature to your business, you’re going to need to invite users so they can access it. Rather than inviting them individually, you can use filters to select which Customers and/or Contacts will receive an invitation.

From the Transaction List, go to Actions > Periodic Activities, and then select Invite Portal Users. From here, you can use the Add Customer and/or Add Contact actions to add records to the list by applying filters. Make sure every record has an e-mail address to receive the invitation.

When that’s complete, click “Send Invitations,” and the portal user will receive an invitation like the example shown above.

Manage Invitations

Once an invitation is sent, but before it is accepted, it can be viewed in the Payment Portal User Invitations window. If you have multiple Connect Accounts, you first need to select the appropriate Store to view the invitations associated with that account.

The window pictured above shows the e-mail address it was sent to, when it was sent, and whether the user clicked the link to sign up but didn’t complete it. If the invitation was sent from the Contact card instead of the Customer, then Contact No. and Name will be filled in as shown above. To invite a user from the Contact Card, you would use the same Invite User action as shown on the Customer.


When the user clicks the sign-up link in the email, they are brought to the Payment Portal Registration page. Here they will create a username and password.

Upon successful registration, a pop-up will confirm that the user has been registered and, after clicking OK, the user will enter the Portal.

Manage Users

Once the user is registered, the Payment Portal Invitation disappears, and the user will now appear under the Manage Users window. If you have multiple Connect accounts, you must first select the appropriate Store to see the users associated with that account. This window will show you all the users who have been registered, the last date/time they logged in, and provide you the ability to remove access for a single user or all users.

Navigating the Payment Portal

Now that your users are registered and have access to the portal, let’s review what they will see.

Invoice List

The Invoice List shows all open invoices that are available to be paid. You can use the Search Box at the top of the page to find an invoice by searching for an Invoice Number, PO # or amount. You can sort the Invoices by clicking on any of the column headings. Click once to make a descending list and twice for ascending.

From this list, you can also print or download copies of your invoices by using the actions on the right side of the page.

Making Payments

Select an invoice to pay by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the Invoice number. This will default the Balance into the Make Payment field.

If you wish to make a partial payment, you can do so by entering an amount in the Make Payment column and that line will get selected.

You can select multiple invoices to pay or enter partial amounts for multiple invoices. The total payment amount for all invoices that have been selected will appear at the bottom of the page. This includes invoices that have been selected that may be on a different page.

Click the “Pay” button at the bottom of the page, and the Payment Details dialog will appear. Here you can choose whether to pay by Credit Card or Bank Account, depending on your merchant account. If you do not have any saved payment methods, you will need to enter a new Credit Card or Bank Account information. If you already set up payment methods, you can use the dropdown to select one.

You can also mark a Credit Card or Bank Account as the default payment method. If you have done that, it will automatically appear as the chosen payment method.

After clicking Submit, you’ll be returned to the Invoice list and a Payment confirmation will appear.

The customer making the payment will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail showing the invoices paid, the amounts applied to those invoices, as well as the method of payment.

When your customer makes a payment, you’ll receive an email confirmation telling you who made the payment, the payment amount, and which invoices were paid.

Closed Invoice List

From the Open Invoice List, you can also view Closed Invoices (invoices that are no longer open) by clicking on the “Closed” tab. These could have been paid via the portal or closed out from the back office.

From this list, you can print or download copies of your invoices or click on the Invoice Number to see the details.

Invoice Details

You can also view the invoice details and make a payment for a single invoice by clicking on the Invoice number.

This will show the detailed invoice information, as well as any prior payments that have been made.

Keep in mind that the Balance Due is the Remaining Amount of the invoice. This will not reflect prior payments that were made outside of the payment portal, or any credits that might have been applied to the invoice.


You can view your profile, which allows you to view, update, and add new credit cards or bank accounts, or change your password:

To update an existing account, use the dropdown to select the card you wish to change. Update the relevant information, and then click Submit. If you wish to add a new payment method, choose the New Credit Card or New Bank Account options:

You can also delete saved Account information from the Profile page by using the Delete button.

The Change Password page will let you update the password for your login.

Logging Out

When you’re finished using the Portal, you can use the Logout button in the upper right to end the session and return to the login page. If you are not active on the page for 10 minutes, you will be automatically logged out for security purposes.

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