From the Customer Card and List Pages, we can now navigate directly to the corresponding record in the Versapay Cloud Platform.  In order for this feature to work, you’ll need to ensure there is a Synchronization Codeunit defined on the Gateway with a Synchronization Type of Customer. This is required in order to push data between the Versapay Cloud Platform and Business Central, and vice versa.


Next, on the Gateway Account record, we double-check the EFT Synchronization Setup from the Gateway Account card, where the remaining setups are configured.


Once this has been completed you can utilize this feature.  From the Customer Card (or List), you’ll find an action to View in the Versapay Cloud Platform.

Clicking on this action will open the Customer Details page in the Versapay Cloud Platform.


If, for some reason, the system cannot find that customer’s identifier, the system will open the customer list filtered for the specific customer.