Performing a Layaway

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Please note that setups fields for Layaways must be completed before creating a layaway in Retail Express. See the Layaway Setup help topic for more information.


You can use Retail Express to create and cancel layaways as well as take scheduled payments from your customers for those layaway items.

Note that the layaway buttons and permissions are not included in the default Retail Express button configuration. To use this feature, you will need to create the buttons and permissions following the steps in the Layaway Setup help topic.

Create a Layaway

To create a new sale containing a layaway, open the POS and add an item to the sale. Hit the dropdown icon for the new sales line to select it. Now you can select the layaway button to set the currently selected line as a layaway.

The layaway will be created using the default layaway terms. If there are no default layaway terms, and more than one layaway terms record has been created, the user will be prompted to select the layaway terms for the sale.

Changing Layaway Terms

Layaway Terms are used to set the number and frequency of payments for your layaway program. To change the layaway terms used for the sale, select the Layaway Terms button. This will open a page where the user can select from the available layaway terms for the store.

Posting the Layaway Sale

To complete the sale that includes a layaway, simply post the sale using the normal POS posting process, by selecting the Pay button and tendering the payment due.

Completing Payments for the Layaway in the POS

To take payments for the layaway from the POS, navigate to the customer selection menu, select the customer, and then select the Collect Payment button. This will open a page displaying the open invoices for the selected customer. From this page, select the checkbox for the invoice you would like to pay, hit ok, and select the tender type and amount to complete the payment.

Completing Payments for the Layaway in the POS

When a customer returns to pick up their layaway item, use the Pick Up button under Order Mgt. to complete the layaway. If there is a balance remaining for the layaway, the customer will also be prompted to pay the remaining balance at this time.

Cancelling a Layaway in the POS

If a customer decides to cancel a layaway, select the Cancel Layaway button. This will open a page with a list of current layaway sales that can be cancelled. Select the layaway to cancel and hit ok. This will present a summary of the layaway items to be cancelled and the refund amount. Hit ok to tender the refund for the customer’s cancelled layaway.

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