Reconciliation with the Versapay Cloud allows Business Central users to compare the open invoices and balances in the ERP are in sync with what is displayed on the Versapay Cloud Platform.

To start a reconciliation from the Open Bulk Upload Entries screen, go to Actions, Start Reconciliation.

This reconciliation process starts immediately, and a new line is shown in the entries below. During reconciliation, the system will send open invoices and balances from Business Central to the VPCP and the VPCP will return any discrepancies. While that process is running the system will look for a reply with discrepancies at pre-specified timed intervals.

If the results show 0 discrepancies the open entry line will automatically close and will not be displayed by the preset filter. Users can remove the filter to see the results of any prior reconciliation process.

If the results show 1 or more discrepancies, the open entry line will show an Upload Result Message indicating the number of discrepancies. Users can go to Related, Reconciliation Discrepancies or click on the number listed under No. of Discrepancies in the open entry line to view and mange the discrepancy.

This will open the Versapay Cloud Platform Reconciliation Discrepancies screen. From here users have two options to manage discrepancies, Mark Acknowledged or Update Versapay Cloud Platform. If the Discrepancy Message shows “Invoice Not Present in ARC”, choosing to Update Versapay Cloud Platform will send the unresolved invoice(s) to the VPCP for display there.

If the Discrepancy Message is “Balance Does Not Match”, users will need to research why. It could be that the payment has been made on the VPCP but not processed in the Cash Receipts Journal in Business Central. If that is the case, choosing to Mark Acknowledged changes the discrepancy Status from Unresolved to Acknowledged.

Discrepancies of two or more can be managed using the multi-select feature in Business Central.

Reconciliation can be run on demand or using an automated Job Queue Entry for Codeunit 37028492. It is recommended that the reconciliation process be run overnight when use of the VPCP is low and payments are likely to be complete for the day.

Viewing Data Exchange and Error Details on Supplier Portal

If users have access to the Supplier Portal of the Versapay Cloud Platform (ARC) the data uploads and reconciliation results can be seen there as well. On the Supplier Portal, go to the Company Menu, select Data Sync.

Here you will see all the bulk upload files as well as the reconciliations.

If the Bulk Upload or Reconciliation file had an error message, you can click on Errors and download the report with error details.