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This functionality will allow you to generate Shipping Agent Shipments for a Service Order, add packages, and describe the contents. When the shipment is posted, a shipping label will be generated and a freight line will be added to the Service Order.

A Shipment that is associated with a Service Order will always have the “Source Type” set to Service.

There are 3 ways you can create shipments for a service order.


Before you begin, you will need to complete some setup if you have not already done so. When you post a Shipping Agent Shipment, a Freight Line showing the freight price and cost will be added to the Service Order. The “Type” and “No.” on the Freight Line are pulled from the “Service Line Type” and “Service Line No.” setup fields on the Shipping Agent Services table.

“Service Line Type” is an option field and “Service Line No.” is a Code field.

“Service Line Type” option values are: <Blank>, Item, Resource, Cost, G/L Account.

First method

  • Create and fill out a new Service Order
  • On the Service Order Card page, Click the Pack Action in the ribbon. This will create a new Shipping Agent Shipment, and the address information from the Service Order will be used.

Second method

  • Create and fill out a new Service Order
  • On the Service Order Card, click the Agent Shipments Action in the ribbon, which opens the list of existing Shipping Agent Shipments for this Service Order. You can create a new shipment if one doesn’t already exist using the New action, or you can edit an existing shipment record by selecting a row on the list page and clicking the Edit action.

When a new shipment record gets created using the above two methods, the “Source Type” value gets set to Service, the Document Type will be Order, and the Document No. will be the same as the Service Order No.

Third Method

  • Open the Shipments List.
  • Click the New action on the ribbon to create a new shipment
  • Once the Shipment No. has been populated, set the “Source Type” to Service, the “Document Type” to Order, and then select the desired Service Order No. as the “Document No.”

Add Packages

Now you will be able to add Packages and Package Lines to the Shipping Agent Shipment.

Rate Shopping

After entering the Packages and Package Lines, you can click on the Rate Shop action button. To Rate Shop for all Shipping Agents, leave the “Shipping Agent Code” blank. To Rate Shop for services within a specific Shipping Agent, populate the “Shipping Agent Code” field with the code of the desired Shipping Agent. All the available services for the selected Shipping Agent Shipment will be listed. Select the desired service and click OK. The Shipping Agent Shipment card will be updated with the selected Agent Service Code.

Rate Quoting

The Rate Quote action is for getting pricing information for an already selected Shipping Agent Service.

Select a Shipping Agent Code and a Shipping Agent Service Code on the Shipment. Click the Rate Quote action. A page with the current price and cost for that service will be displayed.

Printing a Label

After creating the Packages and Package Lines, if you try to close the Shipment page before posting, a dialog will confirm whether you want to exit from the Shipment record without posting.

When you post a Shipping Agent Shipment, a label will be printed, and a Freight Line will be added to the Service Order. To view the Freight Line from the Service Order’s Lines action list, click Order > Service Lines and choose the “Service Item Line Non-Related” option.

Posted Data

When a Service Order is posted, the Freight Lines will be invoiced on the Posted Service Invoice.

You can navigate to the list of related Shipment records by clicking the Agent Shipments action on a Posted Service Invoice.


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