The Versapay Cloud Platform allows users to add comments when they make a short payment. Comments can be used to help provide context as to why a short payment is being made and allow for easy collaboration between the supplier and customer. In order to enhance the integration of MS Dynamics NAV and Business Central with the ARC platform, ChargeLogic Payments has added support for short pay comments to be displayed in NAV/Business Central as well.

In this article we show you where customer short pay comments can be viewed in NAV/Business Central.

From inside  NAV/Business Central on the Versapay ARC Log, click Process Log Entries. A short pay comment will appear in the related ARC Payments page as follows:


Once the payment is loaded in the Cash Receipts Journal, you can again view the short pay comment in the Apply Entries page as follows:


After posting the cash receipts journal, you can also view the short pay comment by drilling the Remaining Amount from the Customer Ledger Entries page of the invoice that was partially paid.  An example follows: