Synchronization Setups

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The Synchronization setups within the Versapay Payments solution allow you to take advantage of our electronic invoicing, Customer Portal, e-commerce or Collaborative AR Automation Platform functionality.

The easiest way to enable this functionality is to do so when setting up your account through the Payments Setup Wizard. One of the steps in this process asks if you wish to enable the integration with the Versapay Cloud Platform. By turning this option on, and clicking Next, all the work is done for you behind the scenes.

If you’ve already setup your Gateway Account, or want to do the setups manually, the rest of this solution will describe the setups you’ll need to configure to enable this functionality.

Gateway Setups


The first thing you’ll need to do is verify the VPYNETWORK gateway exists in the Gateway List. If not, you’ll want to run the Repair Setup Data action from the EFT Setup. This will add in any missing setups from your installation.

Once you confirm it is created, you’ll want to navigate to the Synchronization Codeunits, found under Related > Advanced. (From the Gateway Card, the file path is Related > Gateway > Advanced > Synchronization Codeunits.)


The setups in this window should match the image below:

This setup dictates which Codeunit ID is linked to the related Synchronization Type. You’ll notice some Codeunits are duplicated for similar features, like Sales Quote and Sales Orders, or Payments and Refunds. This is expected. Once you have added these setups you can move over to the Gateway Accounts.

Gateway Account

Open the Gateway Account that was created for the VPYNETWORK Gateway. This will have the API Token and API Key that was provided to you as part of the implementation. From the Action ribbon, choose Synchronization Setup.

This will open the Synchronization Setup for this Gateway Account. Here you will determine which  Synchronization Types you wish to be enabled as well as the Synchronization Direction, based on which feature you are enabling.

Synchronization Directions:

  • Bidirectional – data will flow back and forth between Business Central and the Versapay Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud to ERP Only – data will only be sent from the Versapay Cloud Platform to Business Central. Information will not be sent back to the Versapay Cloud.
  • ERP to Cloud Only – data from Business Central will be sent up to the Versapay Cloud but will not update records in Business Central.
  • No Integration – No data will flow in either direction for this Synchronization Type. Use this option to disable a particular integration.

Once you have specified the Synchronization Directions for each Synchronization Type, the setups are complete. You will now be able to leverage the features of the Versapay Cloud Platform within Business Central.

Transaction Retrieval


Once the Synchronization Setup has been completed, transactions performed outside the ERP need to be retrieved. This can be done in a variety of way, depending on your needs.

  • Click the Retrieve Payments and Orders link on the EFT Activities pane in the Order Processor Role Center.
  • Run the EFT Order Retrieval periodic activity.
  • Schedule the EFT Order Retrieval Codeunit to run periodically using Job Queue or another scheduling tool.




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