Uninstalling the ChargeLogic Shipping App

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Before Uninstalling the ChargeLogic Shipping Extension, customers who downloaded the app from Microsoft AppSource, will need to first Unsubscribe from the App.

1. From the Assisted Setup, select ChargeLogic Licensing Setup:


2. Navigate through the wizard using the next arrow until you get to the License Management Screen and choose the Manage Licensing Action on the ChargeLogic Shipping product line:
Image preview

3. Click the drop down on the Edit Subsciption menu and select Cancel Subscription:
Image preview

Now that you have canceled your subscription (if applicable) you are ready to Uninstall the Extension.

1. Search for Extension Management


2. Find the ChargeLogic Shipping item in the Installed Extensions list and choose Uninstall from the menu


3. Finally, confirm your selection by clicking Uninstall on the Extension Uninstallation dialog box


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