Using PIN Pads to Collect Gift Cards

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Before completing this guide, you must have set up your PIN pads using Datacap and you must have configured the Gateway Account for your gift card processor. If you are going to manage your own gift card program, you can use the default Loopback account that comes pre-configured with ChargeLogic Payments.


ChargeLogic Payments has several options for gift card configuration. Each option requires slightly different settings and has its own pros and cons.

  1. Gift card program offered by your credit card payment processor
  2. Gift card program offered by another supported processor
  3. ChargeLogic Connect gift cards
  4. Gift card program managed inside ChargeLogic Payments

When using PIN pads, the default setups will send gift card transaction requests to the same payment processor you use for credit cards. There are often reasons why you might not want to use processor-based gift cards. For example, you might have a pre-existing gift card program run by a 3rd party and you have cards that have already been issued with open balances.

If you want to accept gift cards using a PIN pad and have the transactions processed by a party other than your credit card payment processor, follow the steps in this guide to configure your system.

Store Methods

Store Methods are the way ChargeLogic Payments routes transactions to the correct account. For example, if you have two stores, Store Methods determine which Gateway Account to use based on the Store No. If you transact in multiple currencies, Store Methods can also route transactions based on the Currency Code within a single Store. When using PIN pads, you need the Store Methods to tell the system to route transactions to the PIN pad so that the PIN pad can activate and collect the data to submit to your payment processor. However, when you aren’t using gift cards issued by your credit card payment processor, all we need the PIN pad to do is collect the data. We then want to take that data and send it somewhere else. We can do that using the Secondary Gateway Account setup.

  1. Navigate to your Store List by choosing Setup & Extensions and then Manual Setup from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central home.
  2. Select ChargeLogic Payments from the Manual Setup List.
  3. Select the Stores action from the ribbon to open the Store List.
  4. Select the Store that is linked to the Datacap PIN pad Gateway Account and click the Methods action on the Navigate ribbon to open the Store Methods List.
  5. Click the Edit List action in the ribbon to enable edit mode.
  6. For all Method Codes that start with “GC” (Gift Card), add a Secondary Gateway No. and Secondary Gateway Account No. setup that refers to the Gateway Account that processes your gift cards. In this example, we are using the Loopback Gateway Account to process gift cards internally.


With the Secondary Gateway Account active in your Store Methods, the system will first submit the transaction to the primary Gateway Account for data collection and then submit the transaction to the Secondary Gateway Account for processing.

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