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Review Recipients

From a Sales Order or other Sales Document, go to the Navigate ribbon and select E-Mail Addresses. This will open the Sales E-Mail Address List for the current document.

The Sales E-Mail Address List displays potential recipients related to the current document. Some recipients may have been automatically set to receive notifications based on the settings on that recipient’s master record. For each potential recipient, you can set which types of notifications will be sent to each e-mail address. You can also add additional recipients on an ad-hoc basis for the current document.

Send The Notification

To manually send a notification, use the actions in the ribbon. For example, on a Sales Order, the Actions ribbon has an E-Mail Sales Confirmation action.

Clicking the action will open a confirmation dialog, which lists the recipients for the notification. You can add additional recipients to this list. Click OK to send the e-mail notification. Note that if the option to send notifications on the release of a Sales Order is turned on, this e-mail notification would be sent automatically.

View The Notification

The listed recipients will receive the e-mail notification.



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