Your First POS Button

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Open the Button Designer

To reach the Button Designer, navigate to the POS Interface Profiles page, either by searching or from the EFT Setup page.

In the Interface Profiles page, select the profile with the button configuration you would like to edit. Then, select the Navigate tab in the ribbon and choose “POS Button Designer” to open the Button Designer page.

Add A New Button

To add a new button, click on the plus icon inside an empty button position.

You will be prompted to enter a Code for the new button. This is the unique identifier that will differentiate this button from other buttons in your database.

The Button Code for the new button that you entered should now appear in the document header, indicating that your new button is the currently selected record. You should also see a blank button.

Now you can edit the button properties for your new button. Start by editing the Button Name.

Set the Button Name to SWIVEL CHAIR. You should see your changes to the Button Name in your new button.

Next, in the Button Command field, select the ADDITEM command.

You will be prompted to define a Parameter for the ADDITEM command. This will allow you to set a specific Item to be added by this button. Select Yes for the prompt. If you are using a CRONUS demo database, choose item 1908-S. Otherwise, choose an item from your inventory.

Now you have a button that will add the chosen item to the sale.

Next, make some cosmetic changes to your button. Try some different themes, weights, and icons.

Congratulations! You have created your first button. Next, try creating a new folder for your button.

Add A New Folder

Start by adding another empty button and entering a Button Code.

Name this button CHAIRS.

Instead of adding a Button Command to this button, click on the Folder icon on the new button. You will see a plus icon appear in the upper right corner of the button to indicate this button has become a folder.

Add Your Button to the Folder

Now that you have your own button and folder, you can move the button inside the folder by dragging the button over the folder and dropping it.

Next, double click the folder to open it. You should see your button inside it.

You have now created your own custom button and folder. You can use these same steps to create your own suite of buttons tailored to your company’s retail needs.

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